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Friday, June 4, 2010

6/2 and 6/3 update

Friends and Family,

Wednesday and thursday were great days. Thank you Lord for continuing to be faithful!

Therapy is going great! They are getting really aggressive with his stretching, I have a picture of Dave in his wheelchair and they have his leg stretched straight up in the air! Literally straight up! I don't think I can even do that!

All of Dave's caregivers are so nice! (of course he has his favorites though!) Dave just continues to be a light in that hospital. He's always positive and loving...what an example and inspiration.

Yesterday,(thursday) Dave was fitted for a wheelchair. They measure everything so they can totally customize the chair to fit you best. They will be bringing a couple that fit him to the hospital today to see how Dave likes them. We shall see.

Dave continues to go outside everyday and spend as much time outside as he can. Much better than just sitting indoors, especially with how much Dave loves being outside!

So...we've been having conversations about the following and would love for everyone to be praying and agreeing with Dave through all of this and that Dave and Ginnie will be 100% led by the Lord in this:

Dave and Ginnie, (and probably all of you) are believing God for 100% healing in Dave's body. We're believing that Dave WILL get up and walk again. We know that God is our creator and healer. Jesus took quite a beating and has the stripes on His back so we can be healed...meaning we ARE healed! At the same time as we believe this and know this, there are a lot of things that Dave and Ginnie are having to do to also prepare for being in a wheelchair. (until Dave is 100% healed) So Please pray that we know how to balance the two. (Believing and knowing in Dave being healed, and also doing what all the Dr's and PT's and OT's are telling Dave, which can sometimes conflict with what God's word says.) I'm sure everyone can understand it's a bit of a battle to listen and do what all the Dr's and caregivers are saying but also listen to what God is saying and has said in his word. Please pray that Dave, Ginnie, family, and friends, continue to know that God's word is FINAL say and believe and know it...and at the same time do what needs to be done on the "natural" side of things. (it can be quite a balancing act!)


Thank you for your continued prayers and support!!!!

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  1. Lord, we agree that you paid the price for Dave to be completely restored! We agree that Dave will completely recover and that You will grant amazing grace every moment until we see the fulfillment of Dave's miracle. Build our faith, Lord, all of us, while we wait . . . let not doubt hinder the coming of Dave's miracle. Your word says healing is the children's bread and Dave is your child. Your word says You give Your children good things when they ask and agree believing, and we are asking for some bread for our brother Dave. So we speak to the damage that was done and we declare the goodness of Our Heavenly Father to that injury and we say BE HEALED AND FULLY RECOVER! In Jesus' powerful, glorious, wonderful Name. So be it, Lord, according to YOUR WORD AND THE POWER OF YOUR NAME! (Sabrina Farmer)