Dave Baileys Hope

Sunday, May 30, 2010

5/29 Update

What an awesome day Saturday was! Dave had an awesome nights sleep Friday night and it led right into having a great day Saturday.

A first!- Dave had his first meal sitting up in his wheel chair! Now this may not seem huge to some but try eating while in bed only halfway sitting up! It's not fun! This also led to another first: we had dinner together last night as a family in the cafeteria! It was so awesome! Dave was able to sit and have a normal meal with his family....this is a huge breakthrough....Thank you Jesus!

Highlight: After Dave went on a stroll yesterday in his chair, he wanted to take a detour when it was time to go back to his room. Dave has an old acquaintance (coworker) that is also in the same hospital. Dave asked to go by his room and when they did, Dave took the time to encourage and lift up this guy. This is so cool! To be in the situation that Dave is in and take the time to "be there" for someone else is just awesome! This is a prime example of Daves heart to love and serve people.

I want to encourage everyone to take the time to celebrate the small things in life. It's very important we celebrate these things with Dave as we gain ground. We're seeing God do some awesome things in Daves life....God is so good!

Thank you SO much for your continued prayers and encouragement!


  1. We
    Just want to send a hug and remind you that we are praying and are so thankful for your amazing attitude. Thank you for reaching out to love and bless those who are around you. We miss seeing you and look forward to having you back home - and at Livingstones. I hope you will let us help in whatever ways we can.
    Hugs and prayers for your encouragement!
    Ron and Joyce Baker

  2. Good Morning Baileys. Gerald and I are praying for you, Dave and Ginny. We know your faith and your strong love for the Father. In the impossible God performs the possible and as I read your blog I see you're continuing to believe no matter what. What an example for others to follow. Wish we were closer so we could hug you and tell you all the things we appreciate about you both. God is so good to let us share a tiny segment of your life and we are thankful. You always leave things better than what you found them to be. Today is good! God is in control when we are not - I love riding with him, even when He scares me to death! Blessings on you and yours.
    Paulette and Gerald